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Medium Volatility

This “Medium Risk” fund was created for the investor who is looking for superior long term capital growth. Although the portfolio will normally have a higher equity exposure than Classic Port and Cabernet, it will strive to maintain a balance between Blue Chip funds (when relevant); Growth Stocks and Niche Funds to provide minimal risk over a 36 month plus investment period.


Medium to High Volatility

This fund has been designed for aggressive growth, but with a strong emphasis on research to provide an element of security despite the high exposure to the equity markets. At no time will this portfolio move into totally dangerous territory. An ideal home for monthly investments for those investors who wish to capitalise on “Rand Cost Averaging”.


High Volatility

This fund carries a “flexible” mandate, in that it can deviate between all asset classes as we see fit at that time. It has been designed for the adventurous investor who is looking for a quick turn around on their investment, however, they are aware of the inherent risks in an aggressive portfolio. The portfolio mandate is to search for, and acquire, funds that could benefit from sudden market swings. The investor must thus be prepared to take any knocks which may arise.