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Global – Medium Volatility.

Merlot is a medium risk offshore fund aimed at providing protection against volatility, with a flavour of equity.



Medium to Low Volatility

A well balanced portfolio which offers a mix of income and capital growth. This portfolio was designed for the mature investor who wants some equity exposure, however, holds a reasonable fixed interest content to protect against any sudden stock market shocks. This fund may not always be No. 1, but should deliver AVERAGE top quartile performance consistently, with the objective to keeping pace with inflation.


Medium to High Volatility

This fund has been designed for aggressive growth, but with a strong emphasis on research to provide an element of security despite the high exposure to the equity markets. At no time will this portfolio move into totally dangerous territory. An ideal home for monthly investments for those investors who wish to capitalise on “Rand Cost Averaging”.


Global – Medium Volatility

With the continual “capping” of the offshore portfolio’s by the various management companies locally, investors are being jeopardised by not being able to participate in offshore investments. This has lead Brantam to research the availability of funds, source the potentially best of the bunch, and thus creating a 100% offshore fund, which will consist of a basket of Rand denominated funds into which we have a guaranteed line of credit. This is a fairly unique situation that we are in, and will provide Brantam Investors with some modicum of access to the global markets.


NOTE: Some confusion exists regarding “Rand denominated” portfolios.