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Global – Medium Volatility

With the continual “capping” of the offshore portfolio’s by the various management companies locally, investors are being jeopardised by not being able to participate in offshore investments. This has lead Brantam to research the availability of funds, source the potentially best of the bunch, and thus creating a 100% offshore fund, which will consist of a basket of Rand denominated funds into which we have a guaranteed line of credit. This is a fairly unique situation that we are in, and will provide Brantam Investors with some modicum of access to the global markets.


NOTE: Some confusion exists regarding “Rand denominated” portfolios. To clear the air, unless you have physically applied for tax clearance, and moved your money offshore into a global denominated currency (e.g. $), you are NOT invested in a true offshore fund. If you invest in Rand into a portfolio such as the Claret fund, what you will have bought is an “asset swap” which allows you to participate in the growth of international funds, PLUS get the rand depreciation, however, your funds will ALWAYS be remitted back to you in Rand.