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Investing for value, Investing for growth, Investing for your future.

Sustaining financial growth is about constantly monitoring the market environment, and then selecting and refining investment portfolios to balance income with volatility.  

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Providing you with a broad-based wealth management service

Since its founding in 1987, the Brantam Group has focused its attention solely on the management of investments for the private client market, with a strong emphasis in the retirement industry, including the employee benefits market.


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During this crazy, challenging, scary time there are small ways we can take back control.

Look at this as a 3-week break from the frantic pace of daily life to connect and support your kids, improve your living environment and be creative in a way that brings you fulfilment. Learn a new skill on YouTube, teach the dog a trick or cuddle up with the family for movie night.

Respond with compassion to the way others cope, and then set boundaries on how much news you and your family takes in. Opt out of overwhelming or negative discussions.

As you take precautions to keep your family safe and emotionally strong, don’t forget to take a moment for yourself.

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Actively managed, focused funds

We offer 6 different funds, each one with a different risk profile. By concentrating on only 6 funds, we are able to dedicate more time and resources to the management of these funds as opposed to trying to manage a multitude of individual portfolios. Each fund is actively managed by the investment team.  We also have one offshore fund available for investors who desire a foreign currency option.


A conservative portfolio designed to generate high yields for those who require an income from their investment.

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This well balanced portfolio offers a considered mix of income and capital growth for the mature investor.

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This “Medium Risk” fund was created for the investor looking for superior long term capital growth.

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This fund is designed for aggressive growth, but with strong emphasis on research to provide security.

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This fund has a “flexible” mandate for the adventurous investor looking for a quick return on their investment.

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A basket of Rand-denominated funds that provides investors with access to global markets and investments.

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A medium volatility offshore fund, denominated in US Dollars.

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Our Approach

Creating investment value is a little like cultivating a fine wine. It begins with a deep understanding of the environment in which we operate. We select our stock carefully and with great consideration – looking for the best selections that are likely to thrive in our current environment.

We monitor constantly for any risks and track how the local economy is weathering global storms. To ensure consistency, we balance and blend for richness and maturity.

And finally, we accept the importance of cultivating patience, before we get to enjoy the final result.

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